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Unique is the one word that describes the character of Youngtown perfectly. There are 6,200 residing in this community. It has a distinctive village feel to the town and it’s located right in the middle of Phoenix, Arizona.

The original intent for Youngtown was for it to be a retirement community. It features boasts a beautiful lake, 7 parks, and a very unique town center design called the Clubhouse Square.

Youngtown has transitioned from having a majority of their residents aged 55 or older to one that now has the majority as younger people. The town is truly evolving with current times. The leaders and management team of the town have brazenly moved to invigorate it by increasing landscape and with the introduction of public art.

The commercial centers in town which were constructed in the 50’s and 60’s were losing their luster. They are now being renovated as a result of a new partnership both private and public with the town.

There are more people-oriented developments that are providing a greater scope of commercial ventures that are within walking distance.

Youngtown is the promoting their new brand and featuring it as a distinctive and unified theme that will emphasize their branding process greatly increasing its attractiveness for investments by both public and private sectors.

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