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Wittmann, a town within Maricopa County, Arizona is located in central Arizona along Route 60 which is thirty-five miles northwest of Phoenix.

The towns prior name was Nadaburg. The name today is Wittmann after a Mr. Joseph Wittmann who had committed to building a dam for the town but never followed through on it.

Mr. Wittmann who made the promise as mentioned to build a dam for the town ended up being sued by a lot of its citizens. This dam would have been built on the Hassayampa River and would have brought irrigation water into the town.

Nadaburg citizens gave acreage to Wittmann in 1926. The reason they did this was for the payment of the proposed dam. The citizens of Nadaburg in 1930 made the name change of the town to Wittmann.

They were honoring Joseph Wittmann who, as a result of building the dam, would provide the town the water needed to irrigate their fields. Unfortunately, Joseph never followed through on his promise hence the lawsuit from its citizens. The good news is 50% of the citizens who sued did regain their land.

William Hovey Griffin, who founded Nadaburg which is now named Wittmann was a native of Texas. In September of 1920, Mr. Griffin filed a homestead petition and plotted the town site.

William actually donated some land to the school district of Maricopa County. The “little” Red School House which was actually white was later built.

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