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Tolleson became incorporated in 1929. The cities founder W.G. Tolleson had the town named after him. The city is located in the Phoenix metropolitan area on the west side. Avondale is just 4 miles southwest while the town of Fowler is only 4 miles southeast.

The City Council of Tolleson remains committed to constructing a recreation center for the entire family which will enrich everyone’s quality of life in the community. The new Tolleson Parks & Recreation Center is to be located at 9251 W. Washington Street.

Featured amenities will include: public library, fitness center, game room, teen room, an arts & crafts center, indoor gym, free Wi-Fi, rock climbing, more parking, art walk, a courtyard, too many more to mention!

Additional programs and offerings are as follows; summer children’s and teen programs, an afterschool program, reading activities during summer, fieldtrips, exercise classes, adult and youth sports, education classes, library access for the public, cooking classes, children’s and teens meal programs, and many more!

You can clearly see why Tolleson is an exciting community to reside in for you and your family!

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