Relocation Tips

Relocation Tips

Moving from one state to another is a big deal, and it can be very expensive. Here are some tips to help you save money when you make that big move.

1. Ask For Assistance With the Move

Ask your new workplace if they offer moving assistance. If they do, leave nothing on the table and take advantage of the help. It will help with the cost of resettling.

2. Gather Packing Materials

Every time you go to the store ask for boxes, we all know these are a staple when moving. Collect newspaper and other packing materials from family and friends. Hang on to old blankets as well, everything you can collect for free will save you money in the end.

3. Create a Timeline for Having Everything Packed and Ready to go.

Out of sheer convenience and money saving effort, have a plan of how you will pack. Start early and set goals of what you want done by when. The less stress you have in the coming move, the better off you will be.

4. Create an Everything Box

This box should be accessible to you at any point in time. This will have all of the items that you need daily to stay comfortable and be efficient. Toiletries, important files, medications etc. The creature comforts readily available will reduce stress and anxiety while you are in transition.

5. Have a “Day One” box

This box will have the essentials you need to stay on top of things. Not like the everything box per-say, but a box with things for the kids to do, coffee maker and coffee, shower and bath items etc.

6. Mark all Boxes Accordingly

Unmarked boxes can cause unnecessary clutter and confusion. Boxes that are labeled and go into propper rooms make life a lot easier when it comes to unpacking.

7. Clean and Get Rid of Junk

Clean each space in the home when the packing is done, this helps with not having to go back through after packing. If you are renting this can save you your deposits. Create an area for junk and items that are going to be donated or sold at a garage sale. If you donate items, get a receipt as this could be a write tax off for you.

Selling your heavy items prior to your move may be a good idea as well. This can provide you with funds to purchase new items when you arrive at your new destination. Always do a cost comparison as it may be cheaper to transport and keep your items.

8. Review Several Moving Companies

Compare and review moving companies, look at ratings and compare costs. If it will save money (which in most cases it will) pack your home on your own. This will also allow you to protect precious items.

Should you rent a truck to drive your things across the country, make sure it is the propper size. A truck too large will cost money and could cause damage to loosley packed items. A truck too small may mean leaving items behind.

9. Make Arrangements for Places to Stay

Use internet websites to plan for that important rest along the way. Finding good hotels to stay at for an evening can make all the difference between getting rest or tossing and turning which makes the drive difficult. If you have family members along the way, see if you can stay with them for an evening. This is a good way to save money and catch up.

If you are not opposed to it, and the weather permits, a campsite may be just the thing for you! Especially if you do not have family or friends along the way.

10. Pack a Cooler

Having sandwiches, fruit and goodies while traveling can help ease the tension of having to stop and spend money on eating out.

11. Don’t Spend Right Away

Wait until you have unpacked, setteled in, gotten rid of boxes and moving debris before you buy anything new. Create a list of things you need and then purchase what you need. Duplicating expenses is unnecessary.



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