Looking Into New Homes For Sale In Phoenix?

New Homes For Sale In Phoenix

Before you check out any new homes for sale in Phoenix, read this!

A brand new year signals new beginnings, and for some, includes a new house. With 2019 around the corner, many buyers are on the look-out for amazing deals on new homes.

If you are in Phoenix, you will find that you have plenty of great options. However, deciding to buy a home in Phoenix can get a bit overwhelming especially if you are a first-time buyer in a high-demand real estate market.

A recent report cited an analysis identifying Phoenix as one of the top housing markets in the U.S. for 2019. The factors considered in the list include job growth, vacancy rates, starter home affordability and population of people aged 35 and below.

According to the report, Phoenix’s robust job market helped secure its place in the top 10 list. Residents are also said to allot only 33.7% of their income on housing cost, which “signals strong starter home affordability in the market.”

Given this competitive landscape, you may feel discouraged to buy a home in Phoenix but that should not be the case at all. With professional guidance and some expert tips, you can definitely find your ideal home for sale in Phoenix.

What are the pros of getting a new home in Phoenix?

  • You can have it customized. Meeting and discussing with the builder about your ideas and preferences for the house is one of the most exciting parts of buying a new home. If you have young children, check out homes for sale in Phoenix with a pool. With minor construction, you can make it a mini summer haven that kids will surely love.


  • A new home means that it has all the modern conveniences and indulgences including energy-efficient design, high-speed internet wiring, latest security systems, walk-in closets and capability for smart appliances.


  • You do not have to spend much on repairs and maintenance. You may initially save money when you purchase an old house but eventually, the cost of repairs and maintenance will catch up. With a new home, you won’t have to worry about repairs for quite some time.


  • A lot of new homes for sale in Phoenix are located in quaint neighborhoods that have established communities. They are near schools, hospitals, police stations, churches and retail centers so you truly feel the convenience of living in an urban center.


  • Nothing feels as exciting as a new home. The feeling of having achieved something tangible is truly inspiring and brings a renewed sense of hope and joy for the entire family.


Of course, the reality is that looking for new homes for sale in Phoenix also has its challenges. It’s good to know these now so you can prepare for it before you spend considerable time and effort in house hunting.

For many home buyers, the main challenge is managing the budget. New homes will cost you serious money. A home under new construction can go up to 30% more than the price of an existing home.

Of course, top-of-the-line features and amenities are an investment for your family’s future. Before committing to a new house, make sure you are financially prepared for all possible expenses, including contingency cost.

Handy Home Buying Tips

First things first: Do not panic. Stay calm and be objective. This is particularly crucial if you are a first-timer in the market for new homes for sale in Phoenix. The stakes are quite high, so your decisions must be smart and sustainable. A small mistake can have irreversible consequences in the future so make sure to think things through and cover all your bases.

To make it easier for you to navigate the ins and outs, as well as the trade secrets, of the Phoenix real estate market, it is highly recommended to work with a local professional real estate agent who has the depth and breadth of experience, as well as proven expertise, to help you get a great deal.

A Phoenix-based real estate agent has access to local and up-to-date market data which is extremely valuable in saving you time and money, and ultimately, in securing a great deal for your dream home.

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