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Laveen is a borough inside the city of Phoenix Arizona, it is located 8 miles southwest of the downtown Phoenix area. There are portions of Laveen that make up a community of unincorporated part of Maricopa County.

The balance stays within the limits of the city of Phoenix, which in effect is called “Laveen Village”. Laveen’s history dating back to the 1880’s included farms for cotton, dairy and alfalfa.

The areas has evolved and in recent years many developments for both residential and commercial have been built expanding the urban area.

Walter E. Laveen, in the early part of the 1900’s created a homestead with his family at what now covers all four corners of 51st Ave. and Dobbins Road. This is where the area’s first general store was built. It was called the Laveen Store.

The Laveen family went on to donate some land that was close to the general store, so a school could be built. It was finished in 1913 and was called the Laveen School.

The Del Monte Market was the second general store they had built in the year 1908. It is located at 27th Ave. and Dobbins Road. It is considered Laveen’s oldest standing building in the city.

For more about their school system and more, visit this link.

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