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The City of Glendale is rich in History with its historical downtown district. It is also a growing city that is home to the Arizona Cardinals, Phoenix Coyotes and Luke Air Force Base.

Glendale happens to be the home of two large sports venues: The University of Phoenix Stadium where the cardinals play and the Gila River Arena. These venues are a part of the development plan for the Glendale Sports and Entertainment District.

These venues were approved and built in an effort to grow the lightly populated Yucca district. The city of Glendale owns these two sites. Aside from the sports it is about 40 minutes from Lake Pleasant Regional park and the White Tank Mountain preserve.

Glendale has several golf courses and golf communities to choose from. If shopping and dining are your thing, then you have a great deal to pick from. Arrowhead Mall, Westgate and Tenger outlets are just some of the areas for shopping and dining in the city of Glendale.

There is never a shortage of things to do for the single guy or gal, the family or the newly retired. Click the link below to find your which option suits you best!

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