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El Mirage is close to the Luke Air Force Base. This base happens to be the biggest training center for fighter pilots in the NATO or North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Almost 50% of the 2,121 households have children who are younger than 18 living in the house. A little over half of the population here were married and living together. Eighteen percent had a female head of house and no husband.

Thirteen percent of the towns households consisted of non-married people. Just under four percent had households where a person was living on their own and they averaged sixty-five years old or older. Each household averaged a size of 3.59.

The city’s population varied with approximately thirty seven percent 18 years of age or younger. Then fourteen percent were eighteen to twenty-four years old, just under twenty nine percent were twenty-five to forty-four years old, fourteen percent from forty-five to sixty-four, and seven percent were at least sixty-five years old.

The average median age was twenty-five years old. For every one hundred women, there would be one hundred and five men. The average median income for each home was thirty-three thousand eight hundred and thirteen.

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