Buying a home is the single biggest investment a person or family can make. It is important to know a number of things to help make the process go smoothly. The better prepared you are and the more research you do on homes and neighborhoods, the better off you will be. The biggest part is understanding where you are financially, credit wise and where you are with being able to cover earnest money and closing costs. So what do we do?

  1. Make the decision to buy, owning a home will give you a return on investment.
  2. Get pre-approved-Reach out to a lender that can look at your credit score, finances and tell you where you need to be. If your credit is in good standing, they can assist you in finding the best loan program to suit your needs.
    (once you are pre-qualified do not make any large purchases that will affect your credit score)
  3. Get your pre-qualification form from your lender
  4. I will work with you to find your dream home
  5. Prepare and get a submitted and accepted offer on the home you wish to buy
  6. Close on your home



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