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Buckeye is a growing city in Arizona located in a suburb of the metropolitan area of Phoenix. The population was last recorded in 2015 and was 62,582 people. Within the United States, Buckeye is statistically one of the fastest growing cities. It was the 7th fasted growing city in the US in 2016.

Buckeye, part of Maricopa County, is just 30 miles west of the Phoenix downtown area.

One of the first to settle in Buckeye, Malin M. Jackson, built ten miles of the Buckeye Canal from the years 1884 to 1886. Malin named it “The Buckeye State” as he was from Ohio and wanted to use the states moniker.

Buckeye was founded in the year 1888 and its original name was Sidney. It was named this as Sidney was the name of the town where Jackson he grew up in Ohio.

Eventually, the name was changed from Sidney to Buckeye as a result of the importance of the canal itself. The name Buckeye became legal and changed in 1910.

In 1929 Buckeye became incorporated. The town included only 440 acres. Hugh Watson, from 1956 to 1958 became the towns first mayor. Mr. Watson was the founder the towns first bank, Buckeye Valley Bank. Watson Road is where the city’s commercial center is located today.

A company associated with Bill Gates of Microsoft fame was reported to have purchased almost 25,000 acres located between Buckeye and the town of Tonopah in late 2017 for $80M. Development plans are being created for a “smart city” named Belmont in this area.

The NewsHour with host Jim Lehrer featured Buckeye in 2008 for a series titled “Blueprint America.”

To learn more about this blueprint American city, visit this link here.

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