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Avondale is a city near Phoenix within Maricopa County, in Arizona. In 1946 this city became incorporated. Since 1980, this city has gone through swift growth both commercially and residentially.

Avondale started out as a thinly populated farming community with a good amount of acreage specializing in both cotton and alfalfa fields. The city has now transitioned into a large thriving suburb of Phoenix.

There has been a lot of building going on as of late. Some rather large residential subdivisions as well as shopping centers were constructed on what was farmland. These subdivisions are very close to the Interstate.

Another huge plus for this community is a satellite center of the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. It is located on the corner of McDowell Road and Avondale Blvd.

The winter months are bright and sunny with lows at night that average between 40° and 50° degrees Fahrenheit. The temperatures during the day average between 60° to 75° degrees Fahrenheit.

The lowest temperature on record for Avondale is a mere 16° degrees Fahrenheit. The summers is a different story altogether. It gets very hot, where the average daily temperatures stay above 100° degrees Fahrenheit.

These hot temperatures will continue through June, July, as well as August and even into September. The good news is, at night it cools down and ranges from 70°F to 80°F. The highest recorded temperature for Avondale is a stifling 125°F.

During the summer months, Phoenix can be hit with “monsoon’s” which can come out of nowhere. They usually hit in the afternoons and evenings and can cause pouring rain even from what was a sunny start to the day. Dust storms do happen from time to time but are rare and mostly during the summer months.

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